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5 ft GPS Radius Location

Spy Tec GPS

The Spy Tec GPS Tracker may be the most important item you could buy to protect the people and things that are near and dear to your heart.

Have you ever felt that heart-stopping moment when your hair stands up on the back of your neck because you've lost something super important to you?

At that very moment... Wouldn't you love to be able to whip out your smartphone and locate the target of your affection instantly?

Of course, you would! 

The Spy Tec GPS Tracker gives you that peace of mind.

With a stylish and eye-catching smooth finish, the device slides comfortably in your pocket for everyday use.

Enhance your child's safety with an elegant safety device. Easy to set-up with a tracker app on your smartphone or iPad.

The very scary APB moment like an Amber Alert of a lost child, would be assisted with this effective Spy Tec GPS Tracker. 

Soft rubber adds a comfortable feel to its overall grip. Handmade coded construction ensures that the tracker is secure and unique.

App is available on Apple iTunes and Google Playstore. This tracker shows the exact location on your smartphone down to a five-foot radius. 

A lightweight and water-resistant cover makes it ideal for use while tracking your pet.

Just attach to your beloved kid/pet and never lose track again!

Why let your family go unprotected another day?

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Spy Tec GPS Tracker + M2 Magnetic Case Bundle

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GPS is like a seat belt

You may not think that you need it, until that day when you do!

Then you will count your blessings for having it active and in place.

GPS Tracker Watch For Adult Elderly Anti-lost SOS Wifi

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Sim Card Requirements for real-time GPS tracker

Worldwide localization: this means no distance or range limitation* Automatically connects to the best network available for precise localization* Protection against theft with real-time tracking* Localization possible: You can check directly on your smartphone, where your dog is, no need to send an SMS prior to monitoring.

SIM card: Necessary, since the GPS data is transmitted via the local mobile network, this is what make GPS location  positioning possible.

1. Is there a GPS tracker without a SIM card? Yes, there is such a device. Nevertheless, GPS trackers without SIM cards have various areas of operation.

2. Why do some GPS trackers need a SIM card and others don’t?” is the following: If the GPS device has to communicate the recorded route or data further to a smartphone or separate device, a SIM card is needed.

Benefits of Real-Time GPS Trackers

1. Text & Email Alerts When/If A Vehicle Is Stolen

2. Teen Driving Safety

3. Comprehensive Data Reports On Mileage

4. Real-Time Alerts If A Driver Is Speeding

5. Vehicle Fleet Management For Business Applications

6. Senior Safety Personal Tracking.

What Is Real-Time GPS?

Real-time GPS tracking devices allow consumers, businesses and police agencies to instantly locate an automobile with pin-point accuracy! This real-time GPS tracking technology can provide parents a simple way to track a teen driver, or companies a solution to manage vehicle fleets, and police agencies a high-tech surveillance tool to document every location a suspect goes! 

GPS tracker app gives users a live view of vehicle activity that will provide information about where a driver is at, how fast an automobile is driving, and also send out live alerts if an automobile is stolen or taken without authorization!

All of this live GPS tracking data can be accessed through any web-enabled device such as a cell phone, tablet or computer. With the use of a real-time GPS vehicle tracker, any automobile can instantly be accessed, and all the historical driving records are archived.

GPS Tracker For Kids or Elders

All across the country children walk back and forth to school every single day. When a child walks to school they are exposed and can be potentially in harm’s way.

Kids can be targets of kidnappers, angry parents involved in divorce proceedings or several other creeps drifting around daily. By simply having a child keep a real-time GPS in a pocket, parents can have live access to where their child is at 24/7.

Knowing where your son or daughter is located throughout the day can provide substantial peace-of-mind for any concerned parent and that is why this real-time GPS tracking is a must for parents looking to enhance child safety.

Real-time GPS systems were designed to meet the safety needs of parents seeking a user-friendly, yet a technologically advanced solution to enhancing child safety.

With a compact size allowing parents to easily hide the GPS tracking system in a teen’s car or the backpack of a child walking to school, real-time GPS kid trackers offer parents live GPS tracking data that can be viewed with a mobile phone, desktop computer or a tablet system.

Parents never have to wonder if their teen is driving at dangerous rates of speed, if their child arrived home safely from school or if their children are playing somewhere they should not be.

Finding out if children are going where they say they are going while also enhancing personal safety is the reason why parents choose to get a tracking device for their children.

How Do GPS Trackers Work?

GPS Tracker: A GPS transmitter can be attached to your dog or bike and the collected GPS data is transmitted from the tracker to your smartphone, using an integrated GSM module and SIM card.

First of all, GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS is a tracking method to work out exactly where something is. It could track the exact location of a vehicle, a cell phone, or some other handheld device. It can also track the movement. As an example, a GPS tracker can be used by a company to monitor the route and progress of a delivery truck, or by a parent to check on the location of their child or the family dog.

A tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network, consisting of 24 satellites and many more ground stations. In order to communicate, microwave signals are sent between the satellite and the device to give information on location, speed, time and direction. 

All cell phones, for instance, constantly broadcast a radio signal, even when you’re not on a call.GPS technology has become common in smartphones and knowing a smartphone’s location can be used for several different purposes. 

Waterproof GPS Trackers

For every use case, there is a fitting tracker. When you are searching for a perfect tracking device for your pet, the GPS tracker with a SIM card included is definitely the best option to go for.

For the tracking of your dog or cat, the use of a GPS tracker with a fixed integrated SIM card is recommended, since your furry friend may often come in contact with water.

Be aware of these 4 things, before buying a GPS tracker

1. Battery life: How often will the tracker be used?

2. Size and weight: Does the tracker fit my pet’s size and breed?

3. Waterproof: Is the device waterproof? 

4. Additional features of GPS tracking devices:

Do it offer geo-fence tracking?

Do it have a breakaway mechanism, to avoid strangulation?

Do it come with a sim card?

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Managing mobile assets is crucial for several service-based businesses and transportation operations. Whether the need is for a real-time 

fleet tracking system that meets ELD mandate, or a real-time vehicle management solution that can monitor speed, routing, vehicle idling and more, GPS technology can provide the answer.

Currently, there are two types of GPS fleet tracking devices that businesses often choose from:

Real-Time GPS Tracker That Connects To Car Via OBDii PortHard-Wired Real-Time GPS Device That Is Hidden Inside The Dashboard Of A Car

GPS fleet tracking devices that plug into the onboard diagnostic port are great because they are cost-effective, can pull power from the OBDii port, offer tamper warnings, and can provide a wealth of GPS tracking data related to vehicle diagnostics.

This vehicle diagnostic information that stand-along real-time GPS devices can’t offer includes information such as vehicle idling, or if automotive maintenance is due. Combine these additional features with all of the other benefits offered by real-time GPS and it is simple to see why so many businesses choose a fleet tracking system that can connect to the OBDii port.

But what if a business wants the best real-time GPS tracking device and also wants to be sure the device is a tamper-proof GPS tracker? That is when the best real-time GPS option is a tracker that can be hard-wired to the automobile, truck or commercial vehicle.

Hard-wired real-time GPS tracking devices are great because they are tamper-proof, but they also provide substantial assistance to companies who want to track company vehicles with accuracy.

When a company chooses to hard-wire a real-time GPS device to a vehicle they are instantly protected from auto theft, have a tool to monitor employee driving activity, and can even use the output/input ports for a variety of functions. These functions can include things such as:

Monitor Temperature In A Transport TruckDetermine If A Boom On A Tow Truck Was Up Or Down At Any Given TimeGauge Salt Disposal In Snow Plows

The highest-rated OBDii plug and play real-time GPS is the Sync, and the most popular hard-wired solution at this time is the SilverCloud GPS.

Is It Against The Law To Put A GPS Tracker On A Car?

For starters, it's entirely legal to use a **GPS tracking device** on any **vehicle** or asset you own.

But before you use a **GPS tracking device** on someone else's person, **vehicle**, or property, you should do a little research on current federal, state, and local **laws**

Before You Begin Tracking

GPS tracking is an easy and affordable way to monitor a person, vehicle, or asset. With minimal effort, you can know where someone is, where they've been, where they're going, and how fast they're traveling. GPS is a great option for parents concerned about their children getting to school safely, or business owners looking to optimize their fleet of vehicles. Before you decide to begin tracking, however, it's important to consider the legality of your GPS solution.

Before you use a GPS tracking device on someone else's person, vehicle, or property, you should do a little research on current federal, state, and local laws. Laws are continually being readdressed as new cases are popping up in the legal world, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on these changes.

As of now, here's what private citizens need to know about GPS tracking and the law:

It's generally legal to use a GPS tracking device if:

You or your organization own the vehicle or asset to be tracked.

You own the asset that might be taken without your permission

Your children (under 18) are the focus of the tracking

You are tracking a car or asset for the purpose of legal repossession in the event of a default on a loan

It's generally illegal to use a GPS tracking device if:

You are not the owner of the car and do not have the legal right to track it.

You are attempting to track a boyfriend or girlfriend in their own car.

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