Free SIM card with purchase!

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Time To Try US Mobile!
To help you do that we cut a deal to give you a $9.99 Sim card Starter KIT for FREE.
Which is also a risk-free service for 14 days, You can try their 2G,3G or 4G networks for free.


They will send you a Starter Kit with SIM cards for all three networks. Just ask!

How to get started?

Simply complete your purchase at the GPS Location Store.

Then order the SIM card from

Fill out the form and they will send it to you by mail.

Once you have the SIM card handy you can activate it on the US Mobile webpage. While doing so you will be prompted to choose the plans.

Once you're done, you can insert the SIM card in your unlocked device test it to make sure it's up and running with the services.

You can follow the link here to see the US Mobile plans and the prices in detail.

How it works

Prepaid Starter Kit that has everything you need
Order a Starter kit

It has everything you need to get started at US Mobile

Check your mailboxStep 2 Universal prepaid SIM that fits all phones
Universal SIM that fits all phones

Our 3-in-1 Triple Cut SIM Card easily breaks into 3 sizes to fit any device.

Step 3 Insert your SIM
Insert the SIM card in your device

That’s all it takes to be enjoying service with US Mobile!

What is a SIM Card?

SIM cards are the secret wizards inside your smartphone making it possible for your device to connect with your carrier’s network. Without them, your device would be limited to just wifi.

SIM cards are transferable and can easily be swapped from device to device (as long as the devices are unlocked). That means you can insert a new SIM card into an old phone or insert an old SIM card into a new phone! Many international travelers buy SIM cards locally to use in their phones.

US Mobile offers prepaid SIM cards to be used on phones and IoT devices. With a prepaid plan, you know exactly what you pay and you are not stuck in a contract which means that you can switch carriers at any time. Another expression for prepaid is “Pay as you go”.