Bug Detector for Anti Hidden Camera RF Signal Finder

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    Product Description:
  • 1. Easy Operation and Portable with auto-detection function, when there is the eavesdropping devices or spy camera, it will vibrate to prompt risk. Small dimension, convenient to carry.
  • 2. Detection Range: The laser detection camera distance is 10cm-10m. And the radio wave detection camera distance is 5cm-10m.
  • 3. Multifunction Detector: This wireless detector can sweep the wired or wireless CCD and CMOS lens. It also can be detected the phone lens, digital camera,spy camera, GSM, eavesdropping devices and etc.
  • 4. Adjustable Detection Sensitivity: Can be connected with the earphone to have a more covert detection.
  • 5. Professional technical support and always satisfied customer service all year-round.

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