Freedom Guardian Life Saving Medical Alert System by Medical Guard

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The GPS Tracking Watch Medical Alert System may be the most important item you could buy to protect the people and things that are near and dear to your heart.

Have you ever felt that heart-stopping moment, when you believe that you've lost something super important to you?

At that very moment... Wouldn't you love to be able to whip out your smartphone and locate the target of your affection instantly?

Of course, you would!

The GPS Tracking Watch Medical Alert System gives you that peace of mind.

Enhance your wardrobe with an elegant watch. This classic design brings an effortless accent to both formal and casual attire.

Easy to maintain, the quartz movement makes this design a practical everyday timepiece.

The lightweight and water-resistant rubber band make it ideal for wearing while you're out running and hiking.

Simple yet sophisticated, the square face design is an ideal choice for any occasion.

Shows the exact location on your smartphone down to a five-foot radius.

Durable design and with its smooth flat finish, you can wear it with any outfit.

Why let your loved ones go unprotected another day?

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Product Description

The Freedom Guardian is the most reliable senior smartwatch on the market that does double-duty as an all-in-one wearable medical alert device. It was designed for active seniors who want the confidence to live their way, without limits.

  • Two Way Communication - With a clear, built-in speaker, the Freedom Guardian allows you to speak directly to our 24/7 emergency and non-emergency monitoring center. This mobile medic alert system works off the detection of AT&T nationwide cellular network. Ensure there is an AT&T connection in your area before purchase. AT&T service is included with your purchase and you don’t need a landline
  • GPS Location Tracking - Freedom Guardian is a GPS-enabled medical alert system and offers you unlimited wireless protection wherever you are in the U.S where there is AT&T cellular service. If you suffer a fall or just need help, simply press the emergency button on your medical alert device bracelet, and you’ll be connected to one of our trained, emergency operators at our Medical Guardian monitoring center. If you’re unable to respond our GPS-enabled device will help us find your location
  • Reminders, Alerts, & 3-day Forecast - Keep track of your daily calendar with real-time alerts for medication, appointments, and even important social events on your medical alert watch. You can also stay up to date on the 3-day localized weather forecast directly through your Freedom Guardian smartwatch
  • Text-to-speech Messaging - Stay connected to friends and family through the text-to-speech messaging on your device. The two-way speaker allows you to easily receive and verbally respond to messages from your Care Circle with your classic medic alert system
  • 1 Free Month Of Service - Activation of service required prior to use! Call to activate - service plans start at only $49.95 per month. You never have to worry about hidden charges, signing a contract, the service is free to activate, and you will only be charged a monthly subscription fee.

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