GPS Ring Waterproof Smart Ring for Android Windows NFC Mobile Phone

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  • 【UIQUE HEALTH MATERIAL】- GPS Ring Made of Epoxy crystal ceramic, blended with Germanium Gray, Volcanic Magnet, and FIR Energy Stone, contributing a lot to the wearer's health. Crystal ceramic has trace elements that can improve the human metabolism and effectively promote blood circulation; FIR Energy Stone can help people effectively resist the electromagnetic wave from a computer, phone, or electrical appliance.
  • 【MULTI-FUNCTION】- 1. Save all kinds of private information to this Smart Ring, For example, Schedule, Accounts, Memo, etc. And set the Ring Touch action to be the only way of View or Edit; 2. Set screen lock and APP lock randomly and let the ring become the only key to your privacy. 3. Quick start multi-function scene mode, release the hands with high efficiency. 4. Touch to share “Card”, “Website link", and “Message & pictures", and pass on information effortlessly, efficiently and especially.
  • 【WATERPROOF DUST-PROOF AND FALL-PROOF】- IP68 waterproof level, dustproof and excellent resistance to fall and rolling resistance can be competent to the application requirements of any occasion. No need battery charging, make you forget the recharging and wiring harness and use it at any time.
  • 【STANDARD US SIZE】- Full U.S. sizes optional, size 7: inner perimeter:54mm, size 8: inner perimeter:57mm, size9: inner perimeter:60mm, size10: inner perimeter:62.8mm, size11: inner perimeter:66mm, size12: inner perimeter:70mm.(Please refer to the size picture). With ID Module/M1 Module/NFC Module for you to choose from.
  • 【WIDELY COMPATIBILITY】- GPS Ring Support phone models such as Nokia, Sony, Samsung, HTC, MIUI, and all other NFC-enabled Android and Windows Phone systems. PLEASE NOTE: This item only can work for the Android and Windows Phone which supports NFC function, Please confirm your device if your phone supports NFC before purchasing. Thank you.

Multifunction Magic Finger Ring for Samsung Xiaomi HTC LG Sony Motorola Nokia (#8)

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