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The Bluetooth Tracker may be the most important item you could buy to protect the people and things that are near and dear to your heart.

Have you ever felt that heart-stopping moment, when you believe that you've lost something super important to you?

At that very moment... Wouldn't you love to be able to whip out your smartphone and locate the target of your affection instantly?

Of course, you would! The Bluetooth Tracker gives you that peace of mind.

This stylish Bluetooth Tracker adds eye-catching detail but is a comfortable fit for everyday use.

Enhance your vehicle's safety with an elegant GPS tracker. This classic design brings effortless style to both cars and trucks.

Easy to maintain, the smooth surface makes this design a practical everyday device.

The very scary occasion of a lost car will always be assisted with this effective BluetoothTracker. A strong outer shell adds a solid feel to his overall grip. The handmade construction ensures that each tracker is quality verified.

The app is available on Apple ios and Google Playstore.

Shows the exact location on your smartphone down to a five-foot radius. A lightweight and water-resistant cover makes it ideal for use while you're tracking in bad weather.

Just add to your prized possession and never lose track again! And with its smooth flat finish, it hard to detect!

GPS is like a seat belt, you may not think that you need it, until the day that you do.

Then you count your blessings for having it in place.

Why let your loved ones go unprotected another day? Please don't let the day come when you need this but don't have it.

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  • RING YOUR THINGS FIND LOST ITEMS IN SECONDS; Use your smartphone to make your njoiii ring when it’s nearby but out of sight; The Smart iTrackEasy Application will easily locate your iPhone and the njoiii fob; The App will record the last known position to help you find lost items faster and easier than ever before
  • EXTRA BATTERY INCLUDED; Super long battery life lets you maximize the CR2032 battery in each njoiii device because of its low energy hardware; Based on original Bluetooth TI CC260 Chip from the USA working time is 8 to 12 months and is easily replaceable; LOUD ALERT; njoiii emits an alarm up to 98 decibels 3 times louder than average allowing you to find your items easily
  • SEPARATION ANTI LOST ALARM; Separate beyond a certain range (normally 20 to 30 meters indoors 50 meters outdoors) both the phone and tracker alarms will trigger alerting you; When the njoiii and phone are close again they will reconnect and you will be alerted in no time flat
  • FIND YOUR PHONE; Can't find your phone? Simply press and hold the button on your njoiii to make your phone ring even when it’s on silent; CAMERA/SELFIE REMOTE; The button on the njoiii also doubles as a camera remote allowing you to take better easier selfie photos
  • ACTIVATE NJOIII COMMUNITY SEARCH; When your njoiii cannot be found mark it as “lost” When other users of the iTrackEasy app pass by your lost item their app will send you the location of your lost item; Our Wireless njoiii Community Network and Navigational Guidance will help you find and retrieve your lost item using Apple or Google maps

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