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The Mini GPS Tracking Device may be the most important item you could buy to protect the people and things that are near and dear to your heart.

Have you ever felt that heart-stopping moment when your hair stands up on the back of your neck because you've lost something super important to you?

At that very moment... Wouldn't you love to be able to whip out your smartphone and locate the target of your affection instantly?

Of course, you would!

The GPS Tracker gives you that peace of mind.

With its stylish and eye-catching smooth finish, the device slides comfortably in your pocket for everyday use.

Enhance your child's safety with an elegant GPS tracker. Easy to set-up with a tracker app on your smartphone or iPad.

The very scary APB occasion or Amber Alert of a lost child will always be greatly assisted with this effective GPS Tracker.

Soft rubber adds a comfortable feel to its overall grip. Handmade coded construction ensures that the tracker is unique.

The app is available on Apple ios and Google Playstore. Shows the exact location on your smartphone down to a five-foot radius.

A lightweight and water-resistant cover makes it ideal for use while you're out running and walking your pet.

Just add to your favorite kid/pet and never lose track again! And with its smooth flat finish, it will look great with any outfit!

GPS is like a seat belt, you may not think that you need it, until the day that you do.

Then you will count your blessings for having it active and in place.

Take it from me, I lost my puppy companion named (Chino) of 9 years! One morning he suddenly broke tendency and quickly darted off never to be seen again.

Honestly, I still feel guilty for not having this type of product attached to his collar at the time.

Please don't let the day come when you need this tracker but don't have it.

Why let your loved ones go unprotected another day?

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  • Waterproof Mini Pet GPS Tracking - Anti Lost by tracking real-time location via the app, more efficient to prevent the pet loses.
  • ✔ Small size, 3.9 cm, lightweight without bondage which allows pets to play freely.
  • ✔ long standby: the Rechargeable battery can standby for 3 days!
  • ✔ Can Use any 2G GSM Sim card with GPRS data activated. "not included"
  • ✔ GUARANTEE: MegaState GPS Tracker includes a 30-day money-back guarantee

1.SMS a

Product description

Product Function

1.Real-time Tracking
2.History Trace Replay
3.Geo-fence Alarm
4.SOS Alarm
5.Voice Listening
6.Platform Monitor: Support Android/IOS APP and PC
7.Global GSM Quad Band Frequency

Quick Using

Step 1: Properly insert the GSM card, long press button to power on the device.
Step 2: GPS device must work outside.
Step 1: send SMS “adminip123456 6969”
Step 2: send SMS “apn123456 aaa BBB ccc”
Note: “aaa BBB ccc” should be GSM card APN parameter.

Set APN Send SMS “APN+password+space+aaa+space+bbb+space+ccc”.

Function setting
Send SMS “begin+password” to the unit, it will initialize all the settings to default factory settings. (default password: 123456)
For example: send SMS “begin123456”.

SOS alarm

Press the device button for 3-5s, it will send an SOS alert to the central number automatically.

Voice Surveillance

1) The default mode is “tracker mode” (Tracking status).
2) Send SMS “monitor+password” to the device to switch to “monitor” mode. Then use a mobile phone to dial the device number, it will get through and enter the voice listening function.
3) Send SMS “tracker+password” to restore to “track” mode.

Low battery alarm

Setup: Send “lowbat+password+space+1” to activate, it will send an SMS alarm to a central number when the battery voltage lower than 3.6V. Cancel: Send SMS “low bat + password+space+0” to deactivate it.

Check the device Status

Send SMS “check+password” to the device in the vehicle, it will reply device working status.

Web platform GPS tracking software

Web-based platform, Use IMEI login, default password 123456.
Web platform features as below:
◆ Real-time tracking
◆ History trace replay
◆ Multiple Prisoner management
◆ Detect vehicle alarms and status
◆ Support the Andriod & IOS APP

Product details

  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 ounces
  • ASIN: B07R5HY19Z
  • UNSPSC Code: 25173100
nd GPRS two modes can be switched
2. Real-time location tracking
3.SOS emergency help
4. Geo-fence
5. Shift alarm: when the tracker can stay when the fortification, once the shift can be authorized to the alarming number.
6. Overspeed alarm: can be set to monitor the target at a certain speed, more than the speed to alarm.
7. Low power alarm
8. With power-saving low power mode
9. Long standby
10. WATERPROOF and dustproof design
11. Add GPX
12. Free Web server, mobile APP (for Android and iOS)

Dim.: 40.4(L)x39.8(W)x14.6(H)mm
Band: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
GPS accuracy: 5-10m
Time To First Fix: Cold status 45-90s
Warm status 35s
Hot status 1s
GPS Chip: U-blox7020
GSM Chip: MT6261
Battery: 300mah Chargeable 3.7V Li-ion battery
Wall charger: 110-220V input, 5V Output
Storage Temp: -40°C to +85°C
Operation Temp: -20°C to +45°C
Humidity: 15%--95%

Device Structure


Note: You can use the platform lifetime for free.



1pc*GPS Tracker
1pc*Charging cable
1pc*User Manual


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