Smart Ring GPS Tracker Jakcom R3

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The Smart Ring GPS Tracker may be the most important item you could buy to protect the people and things that are near and dear to your heart.

Have you ever felt that heart-stopping moment, when you believe that you've lost something super important to you? At that very moment... Wouldn't you love to be able to whip out your smartphone and locate the target of your affection instantly?

Of course, you would!

The Smart Ring GPS Tracker gives you that peace of mind.

Enhance your safety with an elegant ring.

This trendy design brings effortless enhancement to both formal and casual outfits. Eye-catching details on the face of this piece stand out to the onlooker.

Easy to maintain and this design is a perfect piece of practical everyday jewelry.

A lightweight and water-resistant making it ideal for wearing while your running and walking.

The app is available on Apple ios and Google Playstore.

Shows the exact location on your smartphone down to a five-foot radius.

Durable design, and with its smooth flat finish, you can wear the Smart Ring GPS Tracker with any outfit.

GPS is like a seatbelt, you hope that you won't need it, until the day that you do.

Please don't let the moment come when you need this product but don't have it.

Why let your loved ones go unprotected another day?

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  • Secret Protection: This Smart Ring GPS Tracker can be the KEY to your phone even your house door(13.56mhz frequency door Lock). No need to charge and waterproof.
  • Health Module: Remove infrared rays and adjust body function by the FIR Energy Stone and the volcano magnet.
  • Share & Transfer information (send the private message/Picture/business card/ website link to the person you want to share by a simple touch) NOT support iPhone and Blackberry phone.
  • Standard US size 7, size 8, size9, size10, size11, size12. Support phone models such as Nokia, Sony, Samsung, HTC, MIUI, and all other NFC-enabled Android and Windows Phone systems.



Size: standard US size 7, size 8, size9, size10, size11, size12


Weight: 0.11 lbs 


Technology: NFC 


Material: pure titanium 


Input/Output: NFC 


Waterproof grade: IP68 


Property: waterproof, shockproof and dustproof 


Carrier frequency: 13.5MHZ 

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