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  • ❤Track your all-day Activity: Optical heart rate monitoring allow you to accurately track in real-time your steps are taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and quality of sleep. It also has 24-hour real-time heart rate detection, accurate ECG detection, and professional blood pressure detection to maintain your health.
  • ❤Stay Connected: GFiD Smartwatch can keep you organized and productive all day long. For Android & IOS users, be notified of incoming calls, messages, emails, calendars, alarms, and news with just a glance.
  • ❤Fashion Design:GFiD Smartwatch has a fashionable appearance with a step counter. Weighing only 2 oz, and with a sensitive graphene touch screen 1.3", the smartwatch can be worn all day.
  • ❤Compatibility: This fitness watch supports most mainstream cellphones with Bluetooth 4.0 or system: iOS 8.2 or above, Android 4.0 or above. Please download the App "WearHeart" from Google Play or App Store.
  • ❤Satisfaction Guaranteed: Buy with confidence GFiD Smartwatch offers 12-month quality-related issues warranty.

Product description

Problems and solutions:

1.Does not pair with smartphone

Read the instructions carefully, Step 1, download the mobile app "wearheart" and open the Bluetooth function of the phone; Step 2 ,Connect the bracelet in the "My" interface.

2.Wrong time and date

When the watch is connected to the phone, the watch updates the time and date based on the phone.

3.The measured data is not accurate

Wet skin makes it easier to measure accurate data. If your skin is dry, try applying some hand cream or water.

1.​Heart-Rate Monitor

Accurately track your heart rate in real-time with the built-in PPG sensor.

Assess health status 24hours comprehensively.

2.Sleep Monitor

Automatically recognize nighttime 22:00-morning 8:00 sleep state.

Heart rate monitor assists in improving accuracy and helps you get a good night's sleep.

Smart Wake-Up: gentle vibrating alarm at the optimal point in your sleep cycle.

3.Blood pressure detector

Use the smart watch directly to measure blood pressure, making it easier for users.

4.Sport smart

Equipped with 3-axis motion sensor uses for sit-in, running, cycling, walking to visualize your cardio fitness progression in the app.

Also keep abreast of heart rate, speed and other physical states.

5.Stay Connected and Updated

Superior battery life of up to30 days with 2-hours charging, plus alerts for calls, messages & smart notifications from all your favorite apps.

6.IP65 water&dust resistant.       

Never worry about sweating it out.

7.Remote Camera Capture

Just shake the watch gently,capture the unique moment


High Sensitive graphene touch screen, response instantly, Just need to charge 2 hours, the standby time can be up to 30 days with full power...

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