V.ALRT Wireless Personal Emergency Alert Device

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Product Description

Instantly update your accessories with the addition of this handsome and versatile personal emergency alert device bracelet. This handmade piece is uniquely created and constructed from quality materials. 

An easy-to-manipulate toggle clasp prevents this accessory from falling off. A shiny black finish brings contrast and depth to the design.

The bold emergency button is easily visible and accessible to ensure peace of mind for your loved one. 

Product Details

  • Manufacture: Handmade
  • Event/Occasion: Emergency
  • Bracelet Clasp Style: Toggle
  • Band Color: Black
  • Band Material: Hard Rubber
  • No Monthly Fee Emergency Alert Device
  • Automatically notify friends and family by sending urgent text messages and or calls to up to 3 contacts with GPS Location
  • IOS Android compatible with User App
  • Built-in Replaceable Battery Included with 1-year life Span


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V.ALRT gives you the peace of mind that help is only a button press away.

Help Is Only a Button Press Away

Introducing the V.ALRT Personal Emergency Response Device, a small wearable device that works with a smartphone to sound an alarm and send out urgent calls and text messages with the press of a button. Summon help wherever and whenever you should need it. The V.ALRT is an ergonomically designed device that can be carried discreetly in a pocket or purse, or worn with one of several accessory options such as a pendant, wristband, or belt clip (sold separately).

Latest Technology

Using Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) technology, the V.ALRT initiates calls and text messages from a designated smartphone (iOS or Android). With a single button press, the V.ALRT sends a command to your smartphone to transmit your location along with a personalized text message to up to three preselected contacts. The V.ALRT can even initiate follow up phone calls from your smartphone to ensure you get your contact's attention.

Peace of Mind

The V.ALRT has a fall detection feature that will send an alert if it detects a sudden fall that may have left the user incapable of pressing the alert button. Fully waterproof, the V.ALRT works in the shower and while exercising. No need to recharge as it provides up to a year of use before needing to replace the battery.



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