Wireless Anti-Theft Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm Waterproof

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Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm

Product Description

You can heighten your bike riding experiences by ensuring your bike is safely parked. The alarm speaker is of high quality and is properly-suited to be attached to the area in which it will be positioned.

No matter where you park your bicycle rather it's the movies, the store, or at the home, it's easy to hear it anytime with a convenient wireless connection to the vibrating remote.

A single speaker system easily disburses 110dbs into the air when the alarm is set to provide amplification and enhanced security.

Product Details

  • Connectivity Alarm Speaker and Remote: Wireless Remote Control
  • Configuration Alarm Speakers with Remote: Single Speaker 110db
  • Vibration triggered alarm suitable for Bikes, Electric Bike, Motorcycles, Scooter, Car, Doors, and Windows...
  • 7 level adjustable sensitivity from gently touch to push or beat
  • Deterring thieves effectively by 113 dB loud alarm, IP55 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use
  • Easy to find your vehicles by 6 kinds of bells, wireless control by remote
  • Super easy installation by pasting with a double-sided sticker or tying it with strap
  • 【Multipurpose】Act as a great bike theft deterrent. Vibrationally triggered alarm suitable for bicycle, motorcycle, electric bike, electric scooter, and so on. You can also use for doors and windows alarm vibration sensors.
  • 【Super Sensitive to Motion】7 level adjustable sensitivity from gently touch to push or beat, you can easily set it according to your need. A wireless remote control operation, remote control range up to 20M/66FT.
  • 【Extremely Loud 113dB】bike security alarm can make a loud sound to draw people's attention. 113dB Loud can effectively scare thieves away, can also be used as an SOS emergency alarm.
  • 【Easy Installation and Waterproof】This motorcycle bicycle burglar alarm Installation by pasting with a double-sided sticker or tieing it with strap. No wiring, no screw. Water-resistant rated to IP55 - Can use for outdoor.
  • 【Mini Size】3.7"*1.6"*0.8" exquisite and compact design, easy to hide and install, 6 kinds of bell sound can operate by remote control, easy to find the vehicle position.
  • [LOUD 113dB BIKE ALARM]113dB loud vibration bicycle alarm with remote control is a great tool to protect your bike from theft. Keep your bicycle, e-bike, scooter, motorcycle, and more secured with this alarm.
  • [VIBRATION SENSOR ALARM] When armed, this anti-theft bicycle alarm responds to vibration or being moved. You can manually adjust the 7 different sensitivity levels to best fit your setup.
  • [EASY TO SET UP] This anti-theft vibration alarm is easy to set up. First, determine the mounting surface and clean accordingly. Then apply the provided adhesive or mount using the cable ties and brackets on the backside of the alarm.
  • [MULTI-PURPOSE ALARM] Use this anti-theft alarm for a variety of purposes: as a luggage alarm, fence alarm, trailer alarm, and more. This device works great as added security when used with locks as well.
  • [LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY] This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 




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