What's the Best GPS Tracker for a Car?

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The Best GPS Tracker for Cars
  1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracker. ...
  2. Vyncs GPS Tracker. ...
  3. Amcrest AM-GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker. ...
  4. Optimus Tracker GPS Tracker. ...
  5. Trak4 Mobile GPS Tracker. ...
  6. CarLock – Real Time Car Tracker and Alert System. ...
  7. Logistimatics Mobile 200 GPS Tracker with Audio Monitoring.

In most cases, tracking vehicles cost more per month than tracking assets. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect the cost of a GPS tracking service to start at. Vehicle tracking pricing ranges from $14.95 -$29.95 per month depending on the level of complexity to your tracking needs.


Best Car GPS Tracker 2020

GPS Tracking System For Cars

Bringing consumers and businesses high-quality, unique GPS tracking systems at affordable prices, Tracking System Direct has the solution for anyone needing a real-time GPS tracker, or simply the best-hidden GPS tracker for car. With support agents available 7 days a week to answer questions regarding no monthly fee GPS trackers, live GPS tracking devices, or dual dash cams for car surveillance, Tracking System Direct is here to help. Come see car tracking devices rated the best-of-the-best in the industry, and allow our team of dedicated experts guides you to the best GPS tracking system for cars, trucks or personal safety. Tracking System Direct only offers award-winning live GPS trackers and GPS fleet tracking products that are extraordinary, functional, and perform beyond industry standards!

Real-Time GPS Tracker

Live GPS tracker for car surveillance technology provides a comprehensive way to enhance driver safety, fleet management, and anti-theft security. Tracking System Direct offers all 3 forms of real-time GPS tracking devices: OBD2 GPS tracker, hard wire GPS tracker, and GPS tracker with a long battery life that is portable, waterproof, and designed with magnetic mounts. Also, check out the real-time GPS tracker with no monthly fee options such as the Connect that make it easy to monitor vehicles 24/7. Let our fleet management experts guide you to the right system that will allow you to track a vehicle without them knowing!

No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker

Best car tracking devices without monthly fees provide detailed answers to consumers and businesses who want to track a car, teen driver, cheating spouse, and more. What makes a GPS tracking device without subscription unique is that the system will work anywhere in the world without the need for cellular service or data plans! Simply place the GPS data logger on a vehicle, record data, and remove tracker to review car speed, mileage, addresses arrived/departed, and other location information!

GPS Fleet Tracking System

GPS trackers for business vehicles provide a way for companies to be more efficient while at the same time boosting automotive security. With a number of different options to provide the best GPS fleet tracking small business, let our experts walk you through a free online demo so you can see firsthand how Tracking System Direct has the best fleet tracking solutions!

GPS Tracking For Teenage Drivers

Teenage driving statistics highlight the dangers of inexperience behind the wheel, and they are also the reason why so many parents invest in vehicle speed tracking system technology. The list of dangers of speeding is long and any parent who knows teenage car accident statistics has a right to feel worried. Thankfully, there are car tracking device for parents and teenage driving monitoring apps that now offer a solution. This is because GPS tracking for teenage drivers allows concerned parents the ability to track if a teen is speeding, answer the question of, “Where is my teenager?”, and provide real-time updates on driving activity. How do you deal with a difficult teenager? GPS tracking systems can’t answer that question, but they can provide comprehensive data that will notify any parent if their teenage driver is a high-risk driver.

Elderly GPS Tracking System

Elderly safety products and home safety equipment for seniors are important when it comes to independent living for seniors. GPS tracking for seniors takes that personal safety to a new level with products such as a GPS tracking bracelet for elderly persons, and vehicle tracking devices for seniors. Car tracking devices for seniors and wearable technology for elderly persons are providing help for the elderly living at home or assisted living care!